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Cloud Defender v2 Developer Edition

Today, the hack is a problem of headaches about the internet. You go online and viral infection, then the hacker will from that invasion took office on your PC and steal information to blackmail you. In particular, those who work in the field of websites need more vigilance. There are many tools to protect and present the most popular tools is the SSL certificate – a type of encryption which prevents any communications between the visitor and the site from being read or forged by a 3rd party.

However, the SSL certificate is quite expensive: about $ 60 – $ 150/ year so many people can not afford to buy it. So many people have decided not to buy an SSL certificate for their website, but that was a wrong decision.Starting January 2017, if your website does not have an SSL certificate, google chrome will add a warning warning about your site being unsafe. That will greatly affect your customer base since your sales revenue will fall a lot. So how to deal with website security issues and money problems? Don’t worried. Here I will introduce you to a software that will solve all your problems. This is Cloud Defender v2 Developer Edition.

Cloud Denfender

Cloud Defender v2 Developer Edition – What is it?

Cloud Defender v2 Developer Edition is a feature-rich system with modern support tools to help protect your website from dangers. With advanced features, Cloud Defense will help you set up server optimizations for your customers through WordPress pages. 

That is right. October 21, 2016. Practically half the internet was shut down in a MAJOR attack. Many major websites including Twitter, Reddit, PayPal, Amazon, Spotify, CNN, etc. have been shut down for hours. Looking at the information above, you think: “hackers only attack websites that ignore small websites like yourself”. So, you should get rid of that thought right away, that is very dangerous. Thinking that will make you subjective in the protection of your property. You should look over the Symantec 2016 security threat report: “Attackers are exploiting any vulnerability they can to compromise websites and commandeer their host servers … Attackers target both large and small businesses … If there is profit to be made, attackers strike at will”.  If a hacker enters your website, they will:

  • steal all of your customer information,
  • change your website by redirecting traffic to their pages,
  • They can also change your sales links.

But with CloudFlare – part of the Cloud Defender v2 Developer edition, your site will be safe. CloudFlare is a tool that speeds up AND protects websites by acting as a protective layer of armor, preventing bad data from affecting the website.

Cloud Defender v2 Developer Edition


Cloud Defender v2 Developer Edition – Overview

Homepage Cloud Defender
Product NameCloud Defender 2018 Developer Edition
Launch Time2017-Nov-07
Type ProductSoftware
AuthorMatt Garrett
RecommendedVery High
SupportFriendly and Effective
Refund30 days
BonusHuge Bonus


Cloud Defender v2 Developer Edition

Matt Garrett

Matt Garrett is a marketer and has 12 years of experience in the profession. In the past, his website has been hacked several times, causing severe damage. He decided to create a software that completely block hacker attacks. Luckily, after a period of development and testing, he completed the Cloud Defender v2 Developer Edition. He happily said: his server and website were protected, and the revenue has increased tremendously.




Feature of Cloud Defender v2 Developer Edition

1. Solid security system

Protect your server from all the bad effects, broken links and attacks with modern support tools. Customer information is absolutely confidential, protecting potential customers. Customers are also more secure about your site, from which your site will be more popular, promote more customers

2. Your web pages will load faster

As Cloud Defender removes the bad data from your site, your site will be accelerated, so that your page traffic will increase. 

3. Increase SEO scores

Cloud defender helps increase traffic, decreases bounce rate. This is very beneficial for seo, Google appreciates this part, your seo points will increase.

4. Make sure your website is always online

Cloud Defender helps keep your site safe from online threats, missed customers. 

5. Simple 

Simple interface, easy to use. You do not need to know programming or code, your job is to install according to the author’s instructions. Very simple, right? If you are a person in the industry, you can set up your own business and sell the service. That is a way to earn extra income from Cloud Defender.

Cloud Defender v2 Developer Edition

What will you get with Cloud Defender v2 Developer Edition?

  • 4 The Plugins
  • What is CloudFlare 
  • CloudFlare Setup 
  • Securing Your Account
  • Overview Settings
  • DNS Settings
  • Firewall Settings
  • Speed Settings
  • Cache/CDN Settings
  • Page Rules
  • Network Settings
  • Traffic Control
  • Apps
  • Scraper Shield
  • SSL/Crypto
  • Analytics


Who should buy Cloud Defender v2 Developer Edition?

  • Individuals with small websites are trading online
  • Organizations with just a few websites selling, promoting, marketing, .. or with news sites, forums,
  • Large companies with huge website systems

Why should you buy Cloud Defender v2 Developer Edition?

If you are one of the above, you should buy Cloud Denfender right away. Why? There are many reasons for you to buy it, I will list you some of the main reasons:

  • Your site does not have secure software. For this reason, you should definitely buy because of the bad links or viruses that will come to your website. You should protect now. That’s my advice for you.
  • Your page load speed is slow, you want to speed it up. That is one of the strengths of Cloud Defender.
  • You want high traffic, the product will be automatically targeted to consumers. Cloud Defender will automatically help you do that
  • You are not good at seo, your site rank low. Cloud Defender will help you increase your Seo rank significantly, your page will have a low bounce rate, google appreciate that
  • You want to protect customer information, important information. Cloud Defender will protect it with the most current lock type
  • You want a right choice with little money. Cloud Defender will be the choice for you. With only $ 17 you will own this security system

Pros and Cons


  • Effective security features

  • Speed ​​up your website loading time.

  • Reduce visitor bounce rate and increase SEO score.

  • Very cheap compared to other products

  • easy to use

Price of Cloud Defender v2 Developer Edition

Just $ 16.77 you already own this software. It’s very cheap, if you compare it with other protection products, Cloud Defender is just an odd number. You do not have to pay any extra fees.

You can refer to some products below:

  • Cloud Defender Video Tutorials or Cloud Defender Pro Video Tutorials:
  • Blog Defender 2018:
  • WP Toolkit Developers Lifetime:

Not only that, the manufacturer will refund 100% if the product is defective.

Cloud Defender v2 Developer Edition

Frequently Asked Questions

-Question 1 : Does Cloud Defender work on a Mac?

Answer : Cloud defender works like WordPress, with just an internet connection you can use it on any operating system

-Question 2 : Does Cloud Defender protect all attacks?

Answer :  Of Course, Up to now, Cloud Defender has protected 99.99% of attacks. It is the most advanced security system available at all price points. It will turn your server into a strong fortification and a hacker’s headache.

-Question 3 : What skills do I need?

Answer : You can practice with Cloud Defender without knowing too many skills. You only need to understand WP and follow the simple steps to set up Cloud Defender

-Question 4 : How Do I Make Money With This? 

Answer : In addition to maximizing profit potential from your own sites, your investment includes developer rights. Meaning you can sell CloudDefender as a service to as many clients as you choose. Change the name, rebrand it and offer ongoing web security services to any client with a WP site, in any niche.


After a period of product testing, I can assure you: this is a very useful product and worth the money to buy. It is well-known by many famous vendors. Cloud Defender v2 Developer Edition – A solid system that protects your online assets

What are you waiting for without buying this product? Buy Now

Cloud Defender


In addition, you will receive a lot of bonus when buying this product.Cloud Defender


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